Kyle Ober


Well let's see .... I never know what to write about myself .. ??

I've been shooting for about 30+ years and yes that's back when there was still Film and the idea of having a camera in your phone wasn't even part of the sub conscious. While I still have Film sitting in my fridge, for posterity I guess, it hasn't been touched for bout 8 years I think. Maybe I can sell it to a collector in 20 some years as an antique in pristine condition.

In any case I still love the craft and constantly challenge myself with different aspects of the field. From first starting as a free lance assistant in NYC with many noteworthy photogs of the day to my own foray into the Commercial photo world, it's been a fascinating journey, rolling with the punches and taking advantage of advancing technology.

I'm more than comfortable both in studio and on location in any number of diverse possibilities. The bottom line is it's about "Light" and bending it to your will. While I won't say I'm a magician in that regard, having a backlog of experience in solving prior lighting puzzles will certainly assist in finding a solution to your objective of creating a great image.

I look forward to speaking with you about whatever type of imagery you have in mind for a project at hand. Oh .. and one more thing. You won't see me shooting it with a Cell phone ... LOL

Give me a buzz ... :-)